For this project, I collected the dreams of the residents of Bienno, a scenic village at the foot of the Italian Alps. I was interested to study how the geography and social culture of the village shapes their dreams.

In collaboration with Museo della Stampa Ludovico Pavoni, the dream pages were printed with a vintage linotype press on Fabriano Rosaspina paper and then worked by hand. Relying on the skills of some of Bienno’s talented and generous artisans, I had three unique boxes made, one each in iron, stone and wood, to shelter each edition of the dream pages. The boxes feature the rosa camuna, a symbol of the region.

The stone box remains in the archives of the city of Bienno. The carved wood box has become part of the permanent collection of Museo della Stampa Ludovico Pavoni. The iron box will travel to future exhibitions.